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We are a professional CAD Drafting and Drawing Management company. We provide 2D and 3D CAD drawings, Autocad, Autocad Architecture, Revit and BIM data. We verify, update and maintain your companies CAD drawings and related documents. We can convert your hard-copy drawings to CAD or provide scanning services. When the  updates are complete we organize your drawings into a browser based drawing management system.

We provide CAD Drafting and Drawing Management services to a variety of clients, Architecture/Engineering, Facilities/ Real Estate, Commercial, Industrial and Residential clients. We verify and update drawings to help clients reduce costs, improve building or facilities management and increase overall productivity. By providing access to real time accurate drawings and information combined with the ease of access of your Internet Browser a company can actually see an improvement in the overall bottom line. Do you need to organize your (non-cad) hard-line drawings? We can coordinate, organize a web based historical drawing file archive.

“We provide solutions that assist your company to run efficiently and     cost-effectively just by following these (3) simple steps!”

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Questions for serious review:

Do you have access to accurate up-to-date information for making decisions at your company or facility?

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Drawing Management


Having updated accurate drawings for your building or facility is the absolute key to having your company running efficiently and cost-effectively. We can coordinate, update, organize and maintain your drawing files as your company changes and grows.

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Space/Move Management

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Energy Management


Space/Move Management of people and assets is critical in making informed spacial and real estate decisions. We can put all your information in one location with ease of access through your web browser.Current information will improve your overall bottom line.

A company must become innovative, energy efficient and cost conscious in today’s economy  We can review and survey your building or facility and determine the Energy Management Measures that will generate savings enterprise wide. We assist you through this process.

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Could we see your company Energy Management Plan? Do you have one?

Do you spend time and money looking for vacant space, where people sit or what space belongs to various departments?

Can you identify what energy retrofits can be implemented and what proposed savings you could achieve?

Is your energy management system and mechanical equipment working properly?

Do you use facilities management software? Can it be accessed enterprise wide?     Does your facilities management software communicate between departments or do you have information silos?

How much is your company spending by not having accurate information for decisions, planning and investment?

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