Space and Move Management

Our tools provide you the ability to view your facility drawings over the Web with nothing more than a Web Browser. You can quickly search for any person, cost center, equipment or asset that can be displayed in a colored graphical floor plan or report form.  We do this with no special or expensive CAD or CAFM software you need to purchase, all you need is access to the Internet or Intranet..

“You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure”

We provide Strategic Resource Management so you can reduce your real estate and facilities costs. All Space and Move Management resources provided by our collaborative partner  JLC Services Inc.

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With our program we collect the data and turn it into actionable, web-based information. We provide solution ideas to your strategic resouce team.

The information provides your team with the knowledge they need to make relevant, cost efficient decisions moving forward.

When you have a meaningful way to look at what you have you can ask better questions and make better decisions.

We help you aswer thes questions: Are you maxmizing your space usage?  Do you know what physical assets you have?  Are you overpaying for technology assets, energy usage, office space?

Move Management Tools can:

Search for vacancies across your facility or specific cost centers

Quickly review how your space is utilized and determine where opportunities exist.

Easily customize and display individual colors for different departments or cost centers.

Manage your facility with current, up to date and accurate real time information.

Knowing how much space an organization has, and how efficiently it is being used, is critical for managing any corporation. Our integrated space and move management Web Based solution provides our clients that ability to graphically move personnel, and manage their space allocations in one tightly integrated application. Centralized space and occupancy information across all corporate locations provides visibility to management and internal customers to manage and maintain accurate space allocations, coordinate moves and optimize one of the largest expenses any organization has, their Real Estate. The information we provide you can be updated on a regular basis as you make internal changes to space, people, and assets. If you do not have an internal resource team we can provide you with asset management services as well.

Quickly and efficiently generate reports and full color charts of your facility information.

Ability to search your facility floor plans to determine and initiate a move request.

The Move Management Tools can be linked directly to an in-house work order system.

Review your personnel and asset information at a your desktop with you web browser.

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Eliminate the requirement for expensive CAD or CAFM software you need to purchase.

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